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30 Of The Best Places To Visit In Romania Must See Attractions

Do we even know anything in Romania other than Dracula? Okay. This amazing country must definitely be on your bucket list! There’s plenty of charm in this hilly region. A strong but strange land with lots of contrasts with vibrant western cities with a beautiful nostalgia-laden time period. The Dacians govern the road and large primeval forests provide protection from wolves and bears that occupy the Carpathians.

01. Discover the capital of Bucharest

The capital of Romania is Bucuresti Bucharest which is reportedly the largest city in Romania. Research shows that Bucharest will grow to the richest city in 2050. Bucharest has an attractive location on Dâmboviţa rivers and offers many attractions for tourists.

Some of the best attractions of Bucharest are the old town and museums, and Romania's most important concert hall. Originally known as ‘Paris the East’, the capitals were known for its similar architecture and Art Nouveau palaces during World War II.

02. Climb 1480 steps to Poenari Citadel

Poenari Citadel is a prominent place in Romania as a home for Vlad Impaler. Vlad Impalere was an important Wallachei lord that was known in Romania and is now considered a Romanian hero. Despite that, his most notorious crimes include brutally savage acts of violence against his enemies and a violent hatred against them as his.

Poerari sits high on a hill in the vicinity of the mountain Făgăraş and at one time was one of the impenetrable fortresses in the country. In 1888 a landslide destroyed a portion and Poenari is still very well maintained – and is a great spot for sightseeing in Romania.

03. Visit Bran Castle: The home of Dracula

30 Of The Best Places To Visit In Romania Must See Attractions

Bran Castle is an important landmark and National Monument in Transylvania and known as The Castle. The castle has often been associated to the Bram Stokers ‘Count Dracula' but the book has never visited Transylvania. He portrayed these scenes well, but that is impossible for anyone to comprehend.

Several villages nearby believe in spirits such as ghosts and ‘strigoi' and until half a century ago thought this group had existed. The strigoi is a human that lives daily and then leaves its souls at night and returns to hunt its prey.

04. Visit the Historic town of Râșnov

Râșnov is situated in the Carpathhian Mountains in Transylvanian territory. It was supposedly constructed during the Travacian-Roman period though most famous for its castles. Râşnov Fortress sits on a rocky mountaintop 650 meters above the town and the castle had been created as the defense against invasions by the Saxons.

The castle has a legend that two captured Turkish troops were killed in the battle. In response to concern from the population that their drinking water was scarce, soldiers began drilling a hole. The two men remained free when they completed the project and according to local legend it took 17 years to complete.

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05. Transfagarasan Highway

Recommended by Sean at LivingOutlau If you want to discover an epic place in Romania you must not forget Transfagarasan Highway. According to "Top Gear," the world's most scenic road must be visited.

Also known as Transferagara Highway, the 7C transfers across the southern part of the Carpathian Mountains offering breathtaking panoramas of the Alpine landscape. The highest point on the Transfagarasan Highway lies the stunning Balea Lake, a glacied lake having probably the cleanest water in Romania.

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06. Visit the Liberty Bear Sanctuary

Freedom Bear Sanctuary can be found anywhere in Romania if you love animal life. In the 1990s bears were often seen in small crates near restaurants. Usually used for shopper attraction they are unfortunately seen everywhere in Romanian.

But a woman called Christina lapis wished that this distressed animal could be saved from extinction and change public attitudes. She wants to end this cruel and illegal exploitation. Today her dreams were true as 67 hectares of land now house over 200 bear species.

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07. Romania's most famous natural site: the Danube Delta

All of the world's countries have a castle or church, and Old City. What countries have deltas in the world? UNESCO's Danube Delta also makes for an incredible place worth visiting in Romania.

It is Romania's first UNESCO World Heritage site since 1990. The Delta formed when the Danube meets Black Sea and covered the territory in Romania. Its second largest in Europe and third most biodiversity in the world, surpassing Australia's Great Barrier Reef and the Galapagos islands in Ecuador. The Danube Delta has long been considered the largest preserved delta in the world.

08. A Gothic Masterpiece in Brasov: The Black Church

When you plan on visiting Bran Castle, a stop at Brasov's Old City is necessary. It is one of the top tourism destinations in Romania. This is famed for a beautiful, well-preserved medieval atmosphere with a mountain backdrop surrounded by forests.

Among the city's iconic buildings is Black Church an example of medieval German-Saxon architecture. This impressive Gothic church, completed in 1477, is not only a tourist attraction in Romania but a Lutheran church. The Black Church can easily be missed while exploring Brașov Old Town.

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09. Drive the famous Transfăgărășan Highway

If you plan to visit Romania then the Transfăgărăşans highway is essential. The trip has a reputation for being the best trip on Earth! The road was built in the early 70s and used to provide an important road to traverse the Fagara Mountains should Romania be invaded by the USSR.

Transfăgărășan Highway is 150 miles long and the highest point is 2,042 meters which is amazingly beautiful. Due to its appearance on "BbC Top Gear", the route is now considered an important attraction in Romania. It will be closed from June until October only because it is dangerous in winter due to sleet and snow.

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10. Romania's most beautiful castle: Peleș Castle

If Bran's Castle speaks of Romanian medieval history, Peles Castle will reflect the dynastic — a Golden Age of the country. Add the castle to your trip itinerary for the most impressive royal standards.

The building was built during the nineteenth century to serve as a summer home for the Romanian royal family descendants of the Hohenzollern German family. Which explained the Renaissance architectural style, the palace had beautifully stained glass doors. The whole castle is renowned and well kept both indoors and outdoors.

11. Go on a slow and picturesque steam train ride

How do I enjoy Romania's natural beauty while traveling slowly? Walking or driving through the countryside might be a thought but there's an easy alternative: an old steam train running 50km/h over beautiful natural areas which are not easily accessible! Tell me the coolness.

The Mocanita steam trains from northwestern Maramures are likely the most famous. An hour-long trip through hills, valleys and countryside makes your appreciation of the simple beauty - best enjoyed slowly, obviously! The narrow railroad was initially used for forest exploitation, and is now only accessible to the Mocanita (names for the trains).

12. Brukenthal and Astra Museums in bohemian Sibiu

A good thing to visit in Transylvania is to visit Sibiu, famous city with Brukenthal National Museum and Anstra Museum of Folklore Culture. Sibiu competes with Brasov to become the most visited destination by tourists in Romania. You should go there and pick your favourites. Sibiu is a historic centre of the Old and Upper Towns of Sibiu.

13. Visit Europe's biggest building: Palace of Parliament in Bucharest

When tourists start looking in Romania pictures will inevitably appear of the palace of the parliaments at Bucharest. The National Monument was the biggest and most notorious megalomanistic dream of Nicolae Ceaușescu.

The neighborhood was completely destroyed and immense sacrifices of people, material and economic were made over 6 years during 1980 to provide a suitable place. Romania's opinion about this famous attraction continues to divide them. It houses Romania's democratically voted parliamentary assemblies.

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14. Travel back to medieval times in the UNESCO Sighișoara Citadel

The city of Sighişoara is one of Romania's most culturally significant and popular tourist destinations. It was built by German Saxon merchants in the XII th century as protection for the trade routes of German traders.

This is the most preserved medieval castle in European history. Sighişoara is also the birthplace of Vlad Impaler (the inspiration of Dracula), whose childhood home shines bright yellow.

15. Corvin Castle

Bring back memories in this fairytale-inspired castle that protects the Western Carpathians. The Castle of Corvin offers more than just a castle. In a 14th century building, the Corvine Castle's fourth and final phase has been completed since the 19th century.

The castle still stands today as one of Europe's biggest castles thanks to a recently announced and (fancifully) restoration operation after a terrible fire and many years of neglect.

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16. Try traditional Romanian food & tasty vegetables

Often times Romania is the country's tourist destination. While typical attractions are undoubtedly amazing, most visitors do not know that Romanian food is tasty at least. Tell me the reason?

We'll have the best food in Romania in a unique combination reflecting Romanian agrarian roots with self-sustaining restaurants that combine Turkish / Baltic, Austro-Hungarian and Russian influences. Our tradition meals feature a variety of delicious flavors reminiscent of the comfort food of grandmothers.

17. Visit Romania's Merry Cemetery...

One of the unusualst activities in Romania is to visit a cemetery which has an interesting view on Death: the Merry Cemetery has the feel of an open-air museum in the village of Săpânţa in Marmures.

Contrary to the usual grey cemeteries the Merry Cemetery features coloured and painted wooden boards that tell the story in a funny way. Founded during the 1960-'70s the Merry Cemetery has remained a unique tourist attraction throughout Europe and Romania, despite its unconventional approach.

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18. Admire the 500 years old Painted Monasteries of Bucovina

Okay, let's go into culture! In Romania tourists have a variety of beautiful churches which are worth their visit. Spirituality plays a vital role in culture and lives. Amongst these the Painted Monasteries in Bukovina definitely distinguish themselves.

Built between the 16th and 15th centuries this monastery is famous for its impressive exterior frescas that depict biblical scenes and is amazingly preserved even when it is not so late. This painting was UNESCO's highest prize for World Heritage.

There are six Monasteries for visitors located in small villages in Bucovina Region: Voronet Humor Moldovita Pataruta, Bucovina Suceava.

19. Curtea de Argeș Monastery

Admire this impressive UNESCO site, Romania's largest cathedral where royal families were buried. Early 1600 Romanian Orthodoxy Cathedral is dedicated to the Dormitions Mothers of God and is recognized by many Romanians as being among the most important religious sights.

Despite being painted a pale gray limestone interior, the church's walls have been covered with exquisite frescoes and decorated by bricks. The marble and tiles used for its construction are most likely sourced from Constantinople. Thus Curtea De Argeş Cathedral looks similar to mosques instead of the traditional Orthodox churches.

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20. Bonus: Cantacuzino Castle, of the richest Romanian family

Near Peleş Castle is another lesser-known castle called Cantacuzino. Prince George Cantacuzino was famous for his wealth as the richest in Romania during the late XIX.

The castle was designed by the unique Romanian architect Brcovense - or wallachian Renaissance in the case of the connaisseurs. The castle became an international sensation after starring in Wednesday's popular Netflix movie by Tim Burton. Aristocratia Romanians chose the best places in Romania.

21. Discover an underground funfair in a salt mine: Salina Turda

Salina Turdo is the most spectacular underground formation created through human activity. Among Romania's most popular tourist attractions, the entrance can be easily understood. The Salt Mines of the Mediterranean region were originally used here in the Middle Ages between 1300 and 1500.

What is a fascinating truth we know about this city? According to experts, a 60 year old earth could require more than a trillion pounds of seawater. Salina Turda opened in 1992 and attracts thousands of visitors each year because of this very specific reason.

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22. See the Romanian Sphinx in Bucegi Mountains

Sphinx rocks form a mysterious volcanic landscape high on the Bucegi Mountains. The easy access is through CableCar from Bustini town or through our hiking excursions. Local legends claim this rocky object represents a lord worshiped long before the Roman invasion by the Dacians.

Some stories link rocks with aliens! Many believe that this location possesses special power which attracts many tourists to this unique attraction in Romanian mountains. It's a fascinating story involving many folk stories.

23. Praid Salt Mines

Escape the heat and experience the healing powers of the massive abandoned mine. Romania is not only mountains or towns but there are even underground salt mines. Boy, they are popular because of the unique microclimate that helps treat various illnesses.

Among the best known is the Praid salt mine which contains some of Romania's biggest salt deposits. Hop onto their shuttle basses and head into “Level 50”, 120m below surface where there's... mainly a little underground settlement... This thing is odd. I'm quite confused. We really enjoy Praid Salt Mine.

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24. Bánffy Castle

Bánffy Castle is well known for its architecture including Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical and Gothic styles. The property consists of many different building projects and is owned by the Banffy family.

From 1437 to 1533 Banffy built this castle and lived on the site until 1944. Then, the German troops retreated them and turned it into an army hospital. At one point of its life in WWII a German retreating army destroyed it and then suffered neglected after the battle as they looted the buildings and vandalized it.

25. Visit the traditional, authentic village of Viscri

Viscri is an excellent preserved Saxon village in Transylvania town center. The most popular activities on Viscri include eating traditional food and staying at a Saxon-era house and taking advantage of the bike routes through this township.

However, the most notable attractions in town are the Viscri Fortified Church. This church makes up UNESCO's World Heritage site named ‘Villages with Fortified churches in Transylvania'. The churches are most admired in the village and offer a lot of famous places to visit.

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26. Go hiking in the wild Carpathian Mountains

65% Romanian territory is inhabited in the Carpathian Mountains from the foothills at an 800 m height to the peak Moldoveanu peak at 2,554 m. This country also provides a beautiful, yet undeveloped hiking destination but also an ideal location to climb mountains, to see wildlife as well as other outdoor activities.

The Carpathians offer many paths for locals seeking out nature and for both amateur and experienced hiker alike. A great selection of nature attractions are also available so a hiking trip to Romania is an absolute highlight!

27. Enjoy the nightlife scene in Bucharest's Old Town

In Romania you can also find a wide variety of exciting nightlife in Bucharest. The trendiest area for the youth today is the historic centre area (ironically!). Lipscani Street is crowded with locals as well as tourists as there's over 50 in this neighbourhood.

A bunch of stag and bachelorettes from across Europe gather here in the spirit: Romanian people love to go! But there are plenty of nice bars in Bucarest which you can enjoy. The majority are converted to beautiful gardens in summer.

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28. Danube Delta

Test your ornithology in one of Europe's largest protected habitats with over 5,000 animals. Romania is not only dotted with a range of mountains and churches; there are even amazing natural landscapes here - including the undervalued deltas of the river Danube.

The waters of the Danube flowing in the Black Sea are the longest and the most preserved of all the Delta regions. The Danube is an important migratory gateway and provides adequate conditions for nesting and hatching for bird life.

29. Wooden Churches of Maramures

Take a peek at these beautiful wooden churches which have remained untouched for centuries. But be warned – the distance between the Marimures region and Transylvania. There are more than 200 Orthodox Christian congregations in this remote area of Romania.

During their visit, eight were voted as the best examples, highlighting the variety of design solutions utilized for the church.

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30. Dracula's Castle

This is perhaps the sole reason I came to Romania in the first place. The legend of Dracula centres around a 15th Century prince named Vlad Dracul III, who was known for impaling his enemies. You'll want to see Piata Sfatului (Council Square) and the Casa Sfatului (local museum).  But the real reason to visit is Bran Castle – otherwise known as Dracula's Castle.

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When is the best time to visit Romania?

Romania can be visited anywhere in the world. However, the weather varies throughout the year so that the best time for visits depends on what you want. In April, the heat starts to increase, although May has been known to have hefty rain and is a good time for preparation.

The summer months of July, June and August attract a huge number of visitors as temperatures are as low as 29°C. However, some tourist areas can become extremely busy during these times. Autumn in Romania looks stunning, with bright colors of fall, warm air and less crowding.

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