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The Most Beautiful Places to Visit In Paris's

Although France's capital was relatively undamaged by disasters or conflicts, its historical heritage is accumulative. Currently, nearly half of Paris's buildings are built before 1950. Beautiful gardens are dotted around the neighborhood and give refuge against city traffic. While it will take you all around the place there'll still be a bit of charm.

01. Eiffel Tower

The Most Beautiful Places to Visit In Paris's

Is Paris the same without Eiffel Tower? Designed in honour of the centenarian year of the French Revolution, Gustave Eiffel presents it at Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1889. The site is about 325 m high and has a population of over a billion.

The top floor is located in the Eiffel Tower 58 and spans 2 floors at 58 meters above sea level, as the tower's name implies. On the 2nd floor the views are the best from 115 metres because of the diving view from the ground below. On 3rd floor on 265 meters you will see Gustav Eiffels offices.

The Eiffel Tower is breathtaking in photos, but seeing it in real time in person is jaw-dropping. Ironically the Eiffel Tower was once cited as being “purposeless and monstrous”. Tour Eiffel remains an iconic landmark and one of the best preserved parts of Paris.

It's recommended to skip lengthy queues and head to the summit to see the sights. At sunset, join a night cruise along the Seine to watch the Eiffel Tower illuminate Paris' night sky.

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02. Musée Rodin

We stop here at every stop in Paris. Sometimes we never even get in here. Musée Rodin is an elegant estate with an unobstructed garden adorned by works like The Thinkinger and Hell Gates. It is as personal as any museums experience in the city. Getty.

03. Louvre Museum

Louvre is an internationally famous museum that houses many of its masterpieces. The historic building is a royal palace with 210,000 sq meter of land, including 6600 for exhibition.

The museum is located inside the Louvre, a former fortress built at the end of 1220. The remaining fortress is located at the museum's lower floors. Collections of materials can be classified into eight sections:

04. Au Vieux Paris d'Arcole

You'll need to go to the charming café Au Vieux Paris - Arcole to find the perfect coffeeshop. The cute coffee shop is just one minute walk from Notre Dame Cathedral Tower. The cafe is accessed from one side through a small garden which contains numerous restored burial stones. More. Guide to the city of the Île du Cité.

Rue Chanoinesse, where Au Vieux Paris d'Arte, has only shifted little since the middle of the medieval era thanks to the presence of a nearby, now defuncted monastery.

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05. Paris Pantheon

Rome certainly does have the Pantheon. Paris. The original church dedicated in the 18th-century was built as a chapel in memory of saint Genevieve. Voltaire was also buried with Marie Antoinette and many others. The inside of the dome is spectacular and at its very heart, the Foucaults Pendulum is a 67-metre pendulum clock built in the 1870s.

06. Champs Elysées / Arc of Triumph

Using ancient Rome architecture Napoleon ordered Jean Chalgrin to design an arch dedicated exclusively to Imperial glory. Built around 1905 and surrounded by a cliff, it was the biggest masonry monument on Earth.

Impressive statues decorate the roof. The names of 508 generals were also written in the top arc. Under the Arc de Triomphe is the burial place for the unidentified soldier. The terrace over the entrance has beautiful views over Paris.

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07. Pont Alexandre III

It is one of the biggest tourist photography spots in town and is built with an elaborate Beaux art-style bridge. With these beautiful statues and a view over the lake, the selfie urges are true!

08. The Latin Quarter - Luxembourg park

The Latin Quarter of Paris has its center on the south shore of the Seine near Sorbonne. It is known for its student culture, lively atmosphere and bistros and hosts many colleges including École Normale Superieure Université d 'Etablissement.

The city is named in part on Latin language, once prevalent within the University and around it since Latin became the global language of education in the Middle Ages. Luxembourg is a private park for the public built by Marie de Medicis for accompanying the Luxembourg Palace in 1612. Luco is affectionate in France.

09. Place du Trocadéro

If you go to Paris you'll probably want an image of Eiffel Tower in the background. You can also go straight to Plaza Trocadéro, a high-rise open area with a fantastic view over Paris.

10. The Pantheon

Panteon is an immense roman influenced mausoleum located in the Paris Latin Quarter. The building had originally been envisioned as being a church when groundwork in 1757 was laid and now serves as the last remaining graveyard of a renowned french citizen.

The beauty of Paris makes it easy to set high expectations in the city. This is what we call the most beautiful place in Paris.

11. Palais Garnier

The Palais Garnier is a magnificent Beaux Arts building located in Paris. Prepare for a stunning marble staircase, gold chandelier or fresco-covered ceiling.

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12. Palace of Versailles

Château Versailles is France's most famous castle. In 1682 – 1789 Versailles was the political centre of the Kingdom in the XIXe century and the palace represented France's army power.

The vast array of structures, grounds and terraces are certainly a must to anyone who will be captivated by exceptional accommodation and luxurious furnishings. Visit Versailles. You will begin at the apartments and the famous Mirrorhalls, Queens Room. Please take a walk around France's famous gardens.

13. Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg, a famous greenspace in Paris is a popular place where locals can stroll and relax during their holidays. Despite being quite grand in its own way the atmosphere remains surprisingly intimate.

14. Notre Dame Cathedral

One of the most iconic buildings in Paris - Notre-Dame de Paris is a Roman Catholic cathedral on the east of the ile. This site is regarded as one of the best examples of Gothic architectural French in France. It was founded in 1164 and finished by the architect in 1344.

The cathedral has its portals and many sculptures surrounded in its roofing. It is recommended to explore the cathedral before you enter the 387 steps to the top. It's an impressive tower.

The climb up to the top of the tower is difficult but you can take in the scenery and observe the famous gargoyles from a very high angle as you ascend.

15. Arc de Triomphe

The view from The Arch of Triomphe is as amazing as the panoramas from The Arch of Triomphe. It's quite claustrophobic climb but fresh air is worth taking in the panorama of Paris.

16. Musée Jacquemart-André

The Jacquemart-André was the home of the upscale, collector's collection. It is also an attractive attraction with imposing marble staircases and galleries that redefine #apartment envy.

17. Musée de l'Orangerie (and Monet's Water Lilies)

The Orangerie museum—located at the far end of Tuileries Gardens—strengthens the argument for the importance of Paris' lesser museums, like, say, Louvres. It is the perfect place to admire Monets famous nymphea mural.

18. Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

Parc des Buttes Chamonté consists mainly of cliffs, lakes, and waterfalls. Take the rocky route to the city and you can see the Sacré Coeur.

19. Place de la Concorde

The public square has remained a haunted site during the French Revolution and remains a guillotine execution site for a long time. Landmarks such as the Luxor Obelisk and mermaid-filled fountains only enhance the glamour.

20. The Louvre Museum

The magnificent architecture of the Louvre deserves a tour whether for its 1st or 50th time in Paris. Its largest museum in the inside courtyard is filled with the juxtaposition between the ancient and modern.

When entering the Louvre, you will see many other fascinating treasures including the Winged Victory of Samothrace. Continue reading The Best Tips and Tricks when visiting the Louvre.

21. Square Marcel Bleustein Blanchet

Instead of going off the main tourist route in 18th arrondissement Paris (i.e. the Montmartre districts), head to the beautiful Place Marcel Bleustein Blanchet for a stunning view of SacréCoeur anywhere you look.

The hidden spot of Wisteria in early Spring & Autumn is the perfect setting for a picnic in the company of a friend. Installations on a parcel of land that once contained an abandoned windmill in Paris. In a nearby area, there'll soon be the Montmartre vineyards and Musée Montmartre, a small museum that reveals the unique Parisian town.

22. Galeries Lafayette

Galerie Lafayette is located in the famous Boulevard Hausman and is an outlet store famous for the high end French brands and spectacular stained-glass cupolas. You can go in December for the biggest christmas display in the world.

23. Jardin des Tuileries

The perfectly manicured park is also in perfect position – turn the other and you have the Louvre and then turn onto the Concorde. Take a short stroll to see the French garden style of the 17th century.

24. The clock at Musée d'Orsay

Musée d’Orsay may need no introduction for anyone whose interest is impressionistic. The museum is filled with paintings by famous artists such as Monet Picasso. This means that this museum has been renowned for its collections.

Originally built between 1899 and 1900, the building remains the home of the stations magnificent clock-shaped glass window with views of the Seine and the Sacré-Cordre.

The adjacent dining/cafés-bistro areas feature an oversized clock with which to enjoy some delicious meals. Continue reading: Iconic photo spots in Paris.

26. Hameau de la Reine (Versailles day trip)

Naturally everybody knew about the castle. What is palace architecture? Rather there are several smaller palaces — the name small here is very similar to the old Royal residence — Grand Trianon — and Petit Trianon respectively. In Petit Trianons gardens is a farm and village named Hameau La Reine where Marie Antoinette would dress-up and wait.

27. Provins (Medieval Town Day Trip)

Provins is an off the beaten tourist route French town located about ten hours from Paris. The village has plenty of cobbled streets lined with a variety of wooden houses. The ancient city of Provins boasts delights such as a maze of underground passages that can be explored via a guided tour, the basilica where Joan of Arc was once attending Mass, and many more attractions.

28. Musée du Louvre

The Louvre was once known as being very crowded. If you can only afford to spend the day walking through the museum and seeing the famous glass pyramid you can walk along.

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